Unanimous Consent

December 10, 2012 in Homepage, Recent News by Rick Sloan
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Dear UCubed Leader:

In the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Jefferson Smith uses a filibuster to stop a dam-building graft scheme tucked away in an appropriations bill. But a filibuster isn’t the only way to stop bad things from happening to good people.

Saying “NAY” to a UC can, too.

A UC, short for a Unanimous Consent Agreement, requires all 100 Senator’s support – or their effective silence — to suspend the Senate Rules. Requesting a UC becomes standard operating procedure in the closing days of a Congress as time runs short. And a UC is why so many bad bills can become law.

In the next three weeks, as the GOP hacks away at the social safety net to protect their wealthy contributors, the power of the Unanimous Consent Agreement grows. Even a balanced deal in the eleventh hour will contain provisions that, in the light of day, would appall most Americans.

See UCubed’s latest video here.

Social insurance programs that we paid for – Social Security and Medicare – could be slashed. Money for food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, Medicaid or job training could be cut deeply. Even the manufacturing jobs tied to our national security could be at risk.

A consistent “NAY” to Unanimous Consent Agreements by even one courageous United States Senator can stop the legislative train in its tracks. So click here to SHARE and LIKE UCubed’s “Unanimous Consent” video and urge your senators to say “NAY” to the UC’s that will harm your family.

In Unity — Strength,


Rick Sloan
Executive Director




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