McConnell’s Navy

April 30, 2013 in From the Director, Homepage, Recent News by latoya
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Dear UCubed Leaders:

The Union of Unemployed is taking on an entire political party. Again.

Last year our BEE MAD @ THE GOP campaign made a serious point with its zany videos. We pitted worker bees against PAC-a-derms in what seemed like a lost cause. And yet, we stung the s#!& out of them in the November election.

Each day over 35,000 of our Facebook fans “liked” and “shared” our posts and videos. UCubed reached over 835,000 “friends of fans” per day. We even won a Bronze Polly for the best use of Facebook in a Get Out The Vote campaign.

That’s the power you have to alter the political dynamics in this country. Now you need to use that power again.

This depression has gone on too damn long. And its longevity is due entirely to the GOP’s obstructionism and its affinity for crippling austerity measures.

McConnell’s Navy – Mitch, John Boehner and Eric Cantor – keeps torpedoing every attempt to revive our economy. They are directly responsible for the pain and suffering of millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans.

So help us get the word out. Go to to “like” and “share” our posts … and our new video.

Help us DEEP SIX U-6.

In Unity — Strength,

Rick Sloan
UCubed President



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