The Union of Unemployed, nicknamed UCubed, is a nonprofit organization that advocates for those still seeking work. With over 27 million Americans still idled to some degree by this Great Recession – and no relief in sight — UCubed unifies the jobless in a unique and useful way.

UCubed brings people together – the unemployed, underemployed and their allies – to build a community of Jobs Activists and Facebook Fans who will support one another and will help get America back to work.

Our 6,500 Job Activists and 135,000 Facebook Fans come from all walks of life, all corners of this country and all sectors of our economy. This Grave Recession has harmed us all – salary and hourly, manufacturing and construction, finance and service, union and non-union, college educated and high school dropouts, inner city and suburban residents. And only by working together can we end this economic turmoil.

In January 2010, the Union of Unemployed started as a community service project of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and its partner unions. For the next three years, its high-tech advocacy – broadcast emails to Congress, cable television ads to increase turnout in primaries and its Facebook-centric campaigns – drew more activists and fans.

During the 2012 campaign, the Union of Unemployed went after an entire political party. Its BEE MAD @ THE GOP was designed to increase turnout among the unemployed and persuade them to vote against those who had cast 8,000 votes against them going back to work. With humorous and fact-based ads, UCubed engaged over 30,000 fans every day for thirteen weeks, and reached over 850,000 of their “friends of fans” every day.

The Union of Unemployed became a standalone 501 (C) 4 in January 2013 based in Maryland. It did so in order to continue its advocacy for the unemployed and underemployed by lobbying for them directly and by engaging in political campaigns.

Union of Unemployed Mission Statement

To educate, energize and motivate unemployed and underemployed Americans about the political and policy environment that impacts their lives.
To provide information that would help jobless Americans cope with the ravages of long-term unemployment, conduct effective job searches and restart their working lives.

To lobby Congress on issues directly affecting jobless households and encourage the unemployed, underemployed and discouraged workers to actively petition their government for programs and policies that will expedite a return to full employment.

To encourage jobless Americans to exercise their first amendment rights of speech and assembly via Facebook, Twitter and other evolving social media platforms to participate in issue campaigns; conduct voter registration drives to increase voter turnout among jobless households; and vote for candidates who consistently vote for or otherwise support public policy, legislative action, or private sector initiatives that will lead to full employment.

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