The Real Unemployment Rate – September 2014

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Our Summary of U.S. Real Unemployment makes the adjustments necessary to determine: first, the number of Real Unemployed Persons and, second, the Real Unemployment Rate. In August 2014:

The number of Real Unemployed Persons decreased by 419,000 to 18.6 million.

The Real Unemployment Rate increased by 0.2% to 11.8%.

In addition to the 18.6 million Real Unemployed Persons at September 30, there are another 3.8 million persons who, while also saying they want jobs, have not looked for work in the past twelve months. Solely because they haven’t looked, these persons are not included among the marginally attached workers; if included, then September’s Real Unemployment Rate of 11.8% increases to 13.8%, a figure more than twice the official BLS rate of unemployment.




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