A Midterm Election Reality Check

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If November’s midterm elections go as expected, here’s the reality check:

Tier V? Not happening.

Extended unemployment benefits? Forgetaboutit!

COBRA discounts? When pigs fly.

Foreclosure moratorium? Right after hell freezes over.

Food stamp expansion? Tougher eligibility rules are far more likely.

So let’s stop kidding ourselves. Elections have consequences.

After Tuesday, November 2nd, America’s jobless will become targets for the fat cats to torture with their lit cigars.

Republicans are poised to win enough U.S. Senate seats that anti-jobless deficit hawks will be in control. Right now, Democrats are losing five seats, and four more are hanging by a thread. That means Senators Orrin Hatch and Jon Kyl – leaders of the Coalition of the Heartless – will have the votes to kill every program aimed at assisting the jobless.

And de facto control, if not de jure control, of the U.S. House of Representatives will pass to the Coalition of the Heartless. The Republican Caucus and Blue Dog Democrats will have enough votes to block any new jobs program. All the great work done for the unemployed by George Miller, Dave Obey, Henry Waxman, Barney Frank and, yes, Nancy Pelosi will be erased.

Now, America’s jobless may think that the Democrats did not do enough. But there was – and remains – one massive obstacle to the policies that would have made a big difference that Coalition of the Heartless.

If the unemployed and underemployed vote – and I believe 70 percent of them are registered and 70 percent of them will vote on November 2nd – they can defeat the grab for power of the Coalition of the Heartless.

America’s unemployed and idled millions can vote against their real tormentors – the Republicans and some Democrats who voted over 7,300 times against the jobless and for their corporate allies who triggered this Grave Recession – and they can BITE BACK.

Or the jobless can buy into the prevailing anti-incumbent mood. They can reward their own tormentors with power and position. And they can suffer the consequences.

Unless America’s jobless go vote Tuesday, November 2nd — and vote against their real tormentors — the days ahead will be the darkest of their lives.

This long national nightmare will last past 2012, probably into 2014. So, let’s get real. Let’s point our rage in the RIGHT direction.

We have just 14 days to spread BITE BACK across the internet. Already over 13,500 have viewed this attack ad.

If each UCubed leader and jobs activist forwarded that ad to ten people each day, nearly half a million Americans would get the message.

We have no time to lose.

But if we don’t take the time, we will lose BIG TIME and for a LONG TIME.

So, please, forward BITE BACK to ten of your friends, family members or former co-workers. Do that every day for the next two weeks.

And you WILL change the harsh reality of these midterm elections.


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