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January 10, 2010 in From the Director by Rick Sloan
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Dear Jobs Activist:

Have you lost your job?

So have 12.7 million other Americans.

Another 14 million sit at home hoping their luck will turn. They, too, were idled to some degree by this Great Recession.

So, you’re not alone.

More than 27 million Americans share your strain – sleepless nights worrying about the bills, dreary days surfing job listings, weekends shopping for cheap eats.

They share your pain – calls from debt collectors, no calls from employers and higher prices for things they need.

And they share your drive to survive, to get back to work, to rebuild their lives.

But they cannot do it alone.

Nor can you.

They need you. You need them. You need each other.
And that’s what the Union of Unemployed – nicknamed UCubed – does. Unify the unemployed in a unique and useful way.

UCubed connects the unemployed in a zip code into cubes of six people to end that sense of being all alone. But it also has a massive Facebook community with over 135,000 fans and 36.8 million “friends of fans.”

UCubed is creating a power block politicians cannot ignore.

And UCubed offers you a way to use your skills and talents to help others through these hard times even as you help yourself. There is strength in numbers.

There is even more strength when those numbers work in unison.
And what will jobs activists like you do?

First and foremost, you’ll help each other get through these next few years. Each activist has a unique set of skills, talents and experiences that can be shared or bartered. Working together, you can build a network of mutual support.

Second and equally important, you can pressure the federal government to respond faster and more effectively to this jobs crisis. The UCubed website has links that will enable you to email your Members of Congress on urgent issues.

The jobs crisis demands immediate action. And both Congress and the White House need to hear from UCubed activists like you every single week.

Everywhere we turn we see the personal devastation this Great Recession has caused. And we hope UCubed provides a measure of relief – an end to the sense of being all alone, a chance to build something useful and unique, and an opportunity for the unemployed to change things for the better.

The Union of Unemployed is a way – I think it is the best way – for hundreds of thousands of unemployed to get and stay active during those dreary days and sleepless nights.

And I am convinced that this unique, useful and unifying idea will add a real sense of urgency to efforts to get all Americans back to work.

Help us. Help yourself. Help your country. And with your activism, UCubed can grow exponentially.

In Unity — Strength
Richard S. Sloan
Union of Unemployed



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